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Summary ´ Art Of Wise Parenting One's lifeIn this book the management and spiritual Guru Swami Suhabodhananda makes you realize that being simple is easy Begin with being simpleThe right way is to easy One has to learn to parent onself as there is a child in each one of us and this experience will help us in wise parentingLife should be a wise search Joy not fear is the tool o.

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Summary ´ Art Of Wise Parenting Swami Suhbodhananda explores the essential nature of parenting and the art of managing it spiritually He attempts to make us thin differently Bringing up children does not mean just providing material supportSwamiji dwells on different techniues to shift one's state of being in a way of that parenting becomes a joy and a spiritual experience in.

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Summary ´ Art Of Wise Parenting R mantra This book provides the reader an action plan for transforming life by providing practical techniues This book is a gift to gently guide the reader to a new pathThe author belives that a dwedrop or a blade of grass has as much significance in the universe as a star Each one of us is uniue Let the journey of parenting be a pilgrimage of j.

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