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Faith of the Fallen Free download à 4 Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook à Terry Goodkind Terry Goodkind à 4 Read & Download Turmoil Nicci a woman from Richard's past haunted by her memory of him makes a fateful decision Despite Nicci's hunger to understand the source of Richard's indomitable will her burning passion to destroy him commits her to the unthinkable. I have SO MANY THOUGHTSFor most of the time reading this book I was pretty sure I was going to give it three stars I haven t given a Sword of Truth book three stars since the first one which I read way back in 2009 Knowing how the series turns out from there I think that may have been an optimistic rating and if I read it again now I might round it down to two stars Then somewhere around the middle I was like nah two stars Then I changed my mind again at the end If I don t rate this three stars I have to retroactively go back and rate all the others one star That seems like too much work Plus aside from a really big flaw BIG this is actually the most assured least erratic least weird best structured and most character centric of these books by far So sure let s do it Three stars Faith of the Fallen picks up shortly after that abomination of a last book with Kahlan healing from her injuries Richard and Cara take her to a secluded place in the mountains to heal If this makes it seem like Richard is abandoning the fight with the Imperial Order that s because he is He has had a realization which he tries to pass off as a prophecy that if they directly fight the Order they will lose He says that the people need to fight and truly believe in freedom and he can t make them want to He believes they need to prove themselves to him which is a such a dick way of going about it But the whole book s like that taking the seeds of good ideas and impulses and being a dick about them So either live with that or stop reading it I guess Point is Richard may be having a genuine moment of insight or he may be having a crisis of faith because of what happened in the last book where all the people of Anderith chose the easy subjugation of the Order instead of the hard cause of freedom as Richard sees it Months pass Kahlan is healed and then Richard is kidnapped by Nicci the Sister of the LightDark who is now Emperor Jagang s Mistress of DeathNicci is actually a much complex character than I had been expecting I knew ahead of time this book revolved around her taking him so I had some assumptions going in and most of them weren t met Nicci is a headcase She is so indoctrinated into the ideals of the Order her moral compass is all fucked up and doesn t calibrate anything for shit She is also the only person Jagang s psychic assaults don t always work on and she doesn t know why spoiler it s because of her obsession with Richard She is entirely selfless and believes giving everything of herself at all times is the only way for her to redeem her naturally corrupt and evil state in the eyes of the Creator Her own life means nothing to her uite literally But she sees something in Richard that bothers her to the point of anger and she can t figure out what it is So she kidnaps him lying to Jagang and telling him she s doing it for him and then absconds with him to the Old World where either she ll find the answers she s looking for to uestions she doesn t even know how to ask or she will show Richard the true good of the Imperial Order So once again Kahlan and Richard are tragically separated but at least here the way Goodkind goes about is moderately clever He has Nicci tie herself magically to Kahlan so that whatever befalls Nicci also befalls Kahlan including injury and death and so she has Richard on an invisible leash and he ll do whatever she wants him to in order to preserve Kahlan s lifeThe book takes place over the course of a little over a year most of which time Kahlan and Richard are apart Kahlan defies Richard and spends most of it fighting a guerrilla war against a vastly superior force which I was side eyeing pretty hard because 1 3 million troops in a single area seems practically not feasible trying to prevent the Order for as long as possible until Richard can return and they figure something out from gaining as much ground as possible These sections were actually pretty engaging Aside from the logistical doubts I had about the army size Goodkind is actually pretty confident when he s writing military strategy His battles have never been the things I ve complained about I did get angry though when his black and white view of the world would infect his characters At points Kahlan becomes an unfeeling murderous monster because Goodkind has no concept of subtlety or nuance in human behavior and his morality is definitely of the if you re not with me you re evil and deserve to die mentality I m thinking particularly of two seuences one involving Kahlan s half brother Harold the other where Kahlan states that she would like to personally kill almost two million men one at a timeMeanwhile Nicci and Richard are off learning about Why Communism is Bad and why Euality is a Lie and also There Is No In BetweenSo here s the big flaw I was talking aboutGoodkind is without doubt a staunch Libertarian devout Capitalist and student of Objectivism Even if I had never read anything about the guy and had only read his books I would know this 100% for sure after finishing this book I have varying degrees of fondness all along the spectrum for all of those things listed above but regardless of my personal feelings I am a firm believer that belief systems should not be the backbone of a book Character arcs should Any meaning one gets from a story should be derived naturally from the movement of character and plot A superimposed meaning should not dictate a character s actions That is when literature becomes didactic which in my opinion causes it to lose nearly all of the power you get from a story well told This book hops back and forth across a very fine line in regards to which is ruling the story character or Goodkind s philosophy and ultimately I m not entirely sure which one dominated the most It s only that uncertainty that is allowing me to three star this bookBecause both Nicci and Richard do grow from their time in the Old World Richard regains his faith in people and Nicci finds inner peace by finally dismantling the myths of her upbringing and toxic belief systems that molded her mind I have zero problems with either of their arcs in that regard My problem comes when Goodkind insists on detailing ad nauseam how terrible the Imperial Order s ideals and methods are without any nuance at all It s just a wholesale dismissal followed by an imposing of a new and just as eually radical set of beliefs with no acknowledgement of any gray areas at all Nicci s backstory is designed specifically to show how the practices of his fake communism are evil He creates characters and then has them behave in ways to illustrate the points he feels we need to learn about why communism or whatever doesn t work He shows no compassion or attempts to understand the factors and potential good intentions that led to the creation of such a system Its leaders are all unrepentantly evil not only in committing to such a terrible social system but also acting with greed and corruption raping murdering thieving take your pick etcThat whole section would have been SO MUCH BETTER without the injected philosophy lessons A fight against tyranny inspiring revolution those plots can work and could have worked better here without Goodkind having to resort to all the rest of it Even some of his messages when divorced from the larger context of the rest of his belief systems have some good points and he could have used those without needing to resort to all the rest of it I appreciate complexity and acknowledgement of complexity in the world and there was none of that hereAlso I couldn t decide if I thought it was terrible or great that Richard basically inspires a revolution by Doing The Best Art Ever see the cover of the book Because of course he can do that he s Richard Fucking Rahl Mr PerfectAnd yet I was entertained and I will read the next book which I ve heard is abysmal so maybe it will be the last one for me We ll see25 stars rounded up because when you compare it to the others wow

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Faith of the Fallen Free download à 4 Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook à Terry Goodkind Terry Goodkind à 4 Read & Download Ty while abandoning his people to a grim fateAs savage hordes stand poised to invade their homeland Richard and Kahlan's devotion not only to each other but to their cause and their duty is imperiled in the descending fury of war Amid the. Faith of the Fallen is a wonderful example of explaining Marxism in terms anyone can understand It should be mandatory reading for all US History and English classes It takes you on a progressive journey of one individual Nicci and how she became the way she was believing what she believed and eventually realizing the truth in all of what she had done It also takes you on a journey into seeing exactly how something so small as doing something for the good of all people turns into the majority barely surviving in a slavery type of life no joy no dreams no wish to better themselves only expecting those in power or those who have than their fair share to take care of those less fortunate This book is a journey of those who feel there is to all this and their efforts to rise up and live their own life The only thing I felt cheated out of was the fact that Nicci s own journey to find this out was too gradual and her eventual epiphany was nearly anti climactic and did not include the most important element of self sacrifice to feel her own self worth I did however understand that because it was a gradual journey for her she came to her own conclusions in the end and didn t need someone else to show her the way So that in itself was a redeeming uality

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Faith of the Fallen Free download à 4 Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook à Terry Goodkind Terry Goodkind à 4 Read & Download There is an alternate cover edition hereAs his beloved Kahlan lies close to death Richard Rahl who distrusts prophecy than anyone is confronted by a compelling vision one that bears a terrible price It would mean taking Kahlan away to safe. Faith of the FallenSword of Truth book 6By Terry GoodkindA Retroview by Eric AllenDue to my scathing reviews of Terry Goodkind s recent work I have recieved uite a few people saying that if you claim to be so much of a Goodkind fan then why don t you review one of his good books So here for all of you who asked for it is my review of my most favorite Goodkind book of them allThere s one thing that many complainers have in common when speaking of Goodkind s works They don t like how much he likes to preach Yes his soapbox does get an inordinate amount of use I am aware of this fact but the only volume in the original eleven Sword of Truth books that I found it to be overly objectionable was Naked Empire which was a thinly veiled excuse to rant about morality for 700 pages in my opinion It seems that the book that gets the absolute most hatred for the preaching is Faith of the Fallen and I simply do not understand this at all I ll explain a bit later in the review but first allow me to tell you why this book is so near and dear to my heartWhen Faith of the Fallen came out I was in a very dark place in my life I had lost everything I had I was virtually crippled not just by physical injury but by the depression that resulted from it For those of you who have never experienced depression before it is very hard to explain how it feels It s like you re so deep in a pit of blackness that you can t see how you will ever see the light again Everything and anything seems hopeless and simply continuing to live feels like a pointless exercise in futility These are only mere words that don t really give you the full impact of what this debilitating illness does to a person but you get the idea rightI was in my second year of college riding my motorcycle home from work one night when I was hit by a drunk driver My right leg was pinned between my bike and a tree and broken in seventeen places At the time it was doubtful that I would ever walk again without the aid of a leg brace and a crutch The driver was uninsured and so my medical expenses fell to my own insurance When I could not return to work I lost my job and my insurance As my job was paying the majority of my college tuition for me through a reimbursement program I found myself unable to pay for school as my medical bills began to pile up I went through three separate surgeries to put the bones in my leg back together and the pain was really unbelievable I ve felt nothing like it before or since The girl I planned to marry left me I lost my house and had to move back in with my parents after selling off every single thing I owned of value to pay the bills I could not walk I could not work I had no health insurance I could not continue with college The woman I loved was marrying another man I was in an obscene amount of physical pain And I was stuck in my parents basement once after having been out on my own and lost everything I had while my medical debt steadily grew larger and larger As I lay trying to recover and having no idea what I was going to do or how I was even going to live my life now I was given a copy of this bookIt was the exact thing that I needed to reach out a hand and pull me from the depths of oblivion Your life is yours alone rise up and live it It seemed as though Goodkind wrote those words with me and my situation in mind The message that this book brings is so beautiful and powerful and delivered in such an uplifting way that it managed to pierce the darkness that was suffocating the life out of me and help pull me back into the world of the living I recovered I found a way to pay for my physical therapy I got a new job with better insurance and finished college Now I have a wonderful career a side job that is basically getting paid for doing my hobby and I walk with barely a limp Although I do set off just about every metal detector that I walk through due to all of the screws pins and metal plates holding the bones in my leg together I love this book When I was close to killing myself because there seemed no point in even going on it brought me hope for a better tomorrow when nothing else could In essence it saved my life It made me WANT to get out of bed It made me WANT to get on with my life It made me WANT to find a way to pay for everything recover finish college and get back out there and liveNow on with the reviewKahlan has been brutally beaten within an inch of her life and Richard and Cara after escaping the Imperial Order as they swarmed over Anderith have taken her to Westland where Richard grew up to hide while she recovers Meanwhile Nicci Sister of the Dark has come to a realization She needs to find some point and purpose in life and the only man she thinks can show her the way is Richard Rahl Through an ancient magic spell Nicci bonds herself to Kahlan in such a way that any harm that befalls her also befalls Kahlan She takes Richard hostage and brings him to the heart of the Old World where she hopes that his reaction to the hardships of the people there will bring her the answers that she has sought for her entire lifeWhile Richard works to improve his life and show the people of the Old World how to live theirs by example Emperor Jagang and his massive army is moving into the Midlands Kahlan takes command of the D Haran armies in a desperate year long battle to delay him while the Midlands can be evacuatedIn the end Richard has come to believe that he cannot lead a people who do not truly know the value of freedom In the heart of the Imperial Order he makes a final desperate attempt to teach them the true meaning of life that they will see and know the Order for the evil that it is and rise up to take their lives back and in so doing save Richard s own home from destructionThe good As I said before Goodkind gets a lot of hate for his preaching He is rarely ever subtle and freuently beats you over the head with his message until you re bloody However amongst his books I feel that Faith of the Fallen is one of the subtle ones Yes Richard does a lot of ranting about the worth of life and what it s all for but he never goes too far with it as he does in other books He never steps over the line from passionate exclamations into boring lectures I know that Goodkind and subtle rarely find themselves in the same sentence with one another however as far as Goodkind books go I feel that this one struck the perfect balance in presenting its messageWhen I tell people that this is my favorite book in the series I often get replies of oh yeah there s some really awesome battles in that one But that s not what I like about this book In fact I rarely even think of that part It s all about Richard and Nicci and the mutual redemption that they both find in each other for me Nicci is redeemed through Richard s example but Richard is also in need of redemption here Most people tend to ignore that part of it or not even notice at all in the first place He has lost his faith in humanity He truly believed that given the chance people would choose the right path But when they didn t it shook him to the core He lost his confidence as a leader and in the people he was supposed to lead They had shown him that they just didn t understand what it was all about and so he ran away from it all stunned hurt and confused Richard as the hero of the story was also seeking redemption and found it in an oppressed people that when given the right push were finally able to see what he was fighting for and join him of their own accord rather than because he happens to be their leader The way it all builds up to its final rebellious climax is so perfect and well crafted that I simply cannot understand where all of this talent fire and passion has gone when reading Goodkind s recent work Richard s character arc here is really well written going deeply into his thoughts and feelings on life liberty and what is worth fighting and dying for This book is not simply another Richard is the good guy who hand waves away all the conflict brought by the bad guy of the week through his magical powers Instead of resorting to Deus Ex Machina as he tends to do Goodkind built up his triumph over the ideals of the Imperial order throughout the entire book to the point where Richard didn t have to hand wave it away This is one of the few books by Goodkind where Deus Ex Machina is not used to resolve any and all problems but rather through Richard s own sweat blood and tears and a year of his life showing the people of the Old World and Nicci how to live their lives whilst rarely ever outright telling them And it ties in so well with Nicci s own redemptionThis book is really well written and extremely well constructed I consider it to be Goodkind s masterpiece It is by far his best book in terms of writing in terms of character development in terms of the message it delivers and in the way that it is delivered in terms of its climax and in terms of its story It takes you step by step through the redemption of those who were previously thought to be unredeemable in such a perfect and well constructed way It s one of those books that I can read over and over and over again and still be filled with as much joy and wonder as my first time through itI have been told that this book is highly derivative of the work of Ayn Rand as if that would somehow make me like it less I simply do not care if a book I love was influenced by another author s ideals I have never read the work of Ayn Rand I do not plan to and I do not need to in order to know that I enjoyed THIS book I am not familiar with her ideals and beliefs and I frankly don t really care You can point to any book on any shelf in any bookstore throughout the world and say that it was influenced by several others so I don t really see what the complaint is This is one aspect of the book that I am ignorant of and frankly care little to educate myself on I don t need to read other books to know if I like or dislike this one That I like it is enough for me If you dislike it because of its similarities to the ideals or writings of another author that s your right I can understand disliking something that someone else loves coughPatrick Rothfusscough but please don t try to argue with me over whether or not my enjoyment of the book is valid or not because of it I respect your differing opinion but I do not agree with it One thing I would like to point out however is that a work of fiction being influenced by another work is far different than a work of fiction shamelessly stealing entire scenes and whole sections of dialog from another work I m looking at YOU PaoliniI honestly have nothing bad to say about this book The entire series is worth reading just for this one book in my opinion It has some very high sentimental value to me but it is also a very well put together book that is highly entertaining and with several extremely good messages When I was at my lowest this book gave me hope and strength to pull myself out of it and get on with my life I will always be grateful for that There may be those that criticize the message it brings or the way that it is delivered but I found it to be given in a well thought out and constructed manner in perfect balance with everything else in the book and in the series as a whole This is Goodkind at his very best and I hope that you will find as much meaning and enjoyment in it as I have The Sword of Truth series and Goodkind himself do get a lot of hate but this one book is my argument against the haters So there all you people who keep telling me that I m no true Goodkind fan because I happen to think that his last few books were written by his mentally deficient clone A 5 star review of what was until the release of The Law of Nines considered by many to be Goodkind s worst book Suck on THAT Seriously though I don t get why this book gets all of the hate while Naked Empire is virtually ignored Any and all criticisms I ve seen about Faith of the Fallen are a thousand times valid when applied to Naked Empire That book just did not know when to stop Richard spent the entire thing ranting and raving like a lunatic and then in the most LAZY way imaginable hand waved away all of the book s conflict as if all of the tension and drama built up around it never even existed And yet the book where there is no Deus Ex Machina hand waved resolution with a message that never really steps over the line into oppressive is the far hated of the two People are funny sometimes Cest la vieCheck out my other reviews