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Summary ✓ Guava Gravy Mong the residents of their SRO Her neighbor Shylee lives with whacked out Denny who trades the use of her body for drugs and other favors Denny wants to get rid of the pregnancy Desperate the girls “steal” a car and join forces as fugitive homeless They are broke hungry and have no safe place to go The continuing challenges they must face and overcome to keep safe and sound are dramatic and enlighteningGuava Gravy offers a taste of a city’s parallel world where tender souls are often caught in harsh circumstances Guava Gravy weaves fragments of many real life stories gained from the writer's uniue extensive and ground zero expos.

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Summary ✓ Guava Gravy Confronted with the malevolent truth about the men who have taken them in as teenagers wary Petrice and pregnant Shylee must run for their lives with nothing but their wits and an old car that could threaten than help their survival Both gritty and tender Guava Gravy is the story of these two young women as they each learn to experience and rely upon their first real friendship while they endure painful revelations ofe secrets from their pasts Together they discover their strengths and unexpected hopes for the futurePetrice a runaway lives with Charlie an older man whose protective veneer uickly fades away when he forms new alliances a.

Free read ¾ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF · Clytie Koehler

Summary ✓ Guava Gravy Ure to the realties of life in the unacknowledged and uncounted It gives a heart felt voice to their often unheard and unrecognized growth of their awareness social and spiritual from being what some would consider throw aways into what originally seems impossible self actualized capable women Take this journey and remember your youth and your story as we have all struggled with issues and these characters will find a place not only in your heart but in your soul Clytie Koehler has dedicated much of her life to the disadvantaged and has had the needed background to make this educational and inspiring journey also a savvy real work of a.

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