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Read & Download Forever (Immortal, #2) ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub “Choose what” “Where my next shot goes” Memories fade betrayals abound and death looms Alina believed becoming an Immortal w. My review was originally posted on my blog Dive Under the CoverI am going to keep this short and spoiler freeThis book was much better than the last one as far as editing goes I saw a couple of typos things like that but overall it was much smootherAs far as the story goes this one pretty much takes up right where the first one left off I think that the story line is a little jerky and seems to be all over the place There are twists and turns but they don t flow uite as smoothly as they should Alina s character well all the characters really are all over the place throughout the whole story Are they good Are they bad I still don t know where everyone stands I know that Alina loves Samuel but she can turn on a dime and be kissing Duncan I don t like that at all I don t mind a little tension but I don t like that she is so flaky I don t think she really knows what she wants and she is way too uick to trust all of themThis one just ends in the middle of the story It may seem like the logical place to stop but it s really uite abrupt and I didn t care for that at allI would recommend this for those who read the first book It really is much better than the first one and it s still a little too similar to Twilight for my taste but the idea is a good one I just wish she had worked harder to make it a little original I would have rated it much higher in that caseThis is a YA story there isn t much warning needed with this one There is no description of anything beyond kissing Everything else is done in cut to the next scene fashion

Summary Forever (Immortal, #2)Forever (Immortal, #2)

Read & Download Forever (Immortal, #2) ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ould protect those she loved but how can she protect them when they’re already caught in the trapSecond book in the Immortal Trilog. The writing still hasn t improved but I can see where the author wanted to go with the story It was a good idea but it wasn t carried out well I m going to begin with the characters Their relationship appeared only shallow I didn t feel anything deep It was the same with the characters themselves To me they weren t living breathing beings More time and effort needed to be expanded on their character developmentAs for the plot it was very messy Certain areas needed to be tightened up some expanded on some cut out some completely rewritten and a lot of it rearranged All of these changes need to be applied to the first book as well It s as though the author was deciding to go in one direction throughout the first book and suddenly decided to switch her goals in this book It leaves for a complicated mess The way she set up the relationships between the characters I m not sure where she was going with that either The thriller portion of this book the hunt and chase was used to hide the lack of development in other areas of the book I suggest that the author read some YA books not thriller Just simple fiction There is no chasing no murders no evil plots just a simple plot Those books have heavy emphasis on the portrayal of the emotions and relations of the main character The other characters in the book feel real as well This book was missing those aspectsI would recommend the author to go through her immortals series as though it were one large book and re evaluate what she wants to show through this story What should we the readers take away from this Because frankly I didn t get anything If properly edited it could be a major hit

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Read & Download Forever (Immortal, #2) ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub “What are we playing for” An evil grin spread over his face “I am so glad you asked We’re playing for the chance to choose”. Mrs Lauren Burd just posted on her blog that the book comes out tentatively on December 1st 2011