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  • The Thorn Birds
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  • 07 July 2020
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The Thorn Birds Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Free download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ä Colleen McCullough Любовта болката смъртта които неизменно съпътстват живота на човека придавайки му измерения и дълбочина нерядко се сливат в едно неразривно цяло назовавано предопределение съдба участ Този роман на австралийската писателка Колийн Макълоу разкрива че на всичко това и личността може да бъде синоним когато е силна изградена в борба с обстоятелствата в конфликти когато е автентична и диамантено твърда Представите?. This beaut of a soap opera has been around for decades for excellent reason Epics have been forgotten currently authors satisfy their readers or not as the case may be with smaller stories smaller livesMcCullough has the tenacity to include three generations in this sprawling saga and as family portraits usually tell of differences between the generations PLUS the ties that bind them together to a home this one exactly does that in an extremely entertaining fashionFee marries her second choice not the man of her dreams and becomes pregnant with or less the number of digits one has in both hands she lives a uiet ironically isolationist existence Her daughter Meggie the protagonist until her daughter takes the helm also suffers her mother s character flaws fate plus genes a maudling story make Her priest Ralph in what is the central love story chooses God over his heart The same is not repeated but is indeed echoed in the last generation as Justine who finally breaks the curse leaves the warmth and monotony of her family in Drogheda to actually take flight follow her instincts which had failed the Cleary women in the pastThere are only 19 chapters in this massive chronology and many events occur mostly random and sometimes poetic but they never fail to surprise There are so many characters all of them you feel actually employ humanity act like actual persons that may have lived There are acts of stupidity and compassion People repress many feelings for personal convictions than for social or familial obligations we seldom don t visit in books such as theseRalph is an idiot for causing so much pain to both he and his love What does that say about organized religion and the crimson clothed of the almighty Vatican The Clearys though not intelligent mainly because of the collective Irish pauper mentality the patriarchal figure bestows upon his offspring Papa Cleary and Ralph s proxy Luke pretty much F things up for the rest They are however extremely hard workers and this pays off well There are many morals many moments of euphoria and even slight by today s standards snippets of hot erotica You pretty much stand witness to one of the most complex yet endearing pieces of literatureHighlights 1 the death of one of the Cleary boy s via warthog asphyxiation immediately following the death of his father via fiery holocaust 2 Ralph meeting his love at her retreat where she is in isolation is definately one of the most romantic notions I have ever read it is written with the finest sense of what love really is 3 learning what French Letters mean 4 transition from New Zealand to Australia to Rome Greece London Such sprawls indicate that life can expand from its moldy origins to experience infinite possiblities arrive at distal endsI recommend this book for someone not afraid to having a two three week relationship with a soap opera that unlike those on tv does not insult the audience with romantic cliches or expected disasters The novel is organic a testament of lives that experience pain and pleasure The reader only experiences the latter

Summary The Thorn Birds

The Thorn Birds

The Thorn Birds Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Free download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ä Colleen McCullough ?е гнездото си тя дири трънлив храст и няма покой докато не го намери Тогава запява сред безпощадните му клонки притискайки гръд към най дългия им и остър шип за да умре извисена над своята агония надпяла и чучулигата и славея Възхитителна песен заплатена с живота Но целият свят притихва заслушан и дори бог на небето се усмихваЗащото най хубавото се добива само с цената на голяма болка или поне така е според легендата. In a down reading year an epic family saga was just what I needed to push away the reading doldrums Normally a five star read would merit a long review depicting characters place time and the author s luscious prose The Thorn Birds had all of this and was hauntingly beautiful Yet despite the story of the Cleary family and their parish priest being a much needed tonic for me I am omitting my long review for now That is because The Thorn Birds is our uarterly long read in the group Retro Chapter Chicks here on goodreads My fellow chicks are reading this book over the course of three months and I do not want to inadvertently give anything away here The story of Meggie and Ralph was so captivating however that I read their saga in three days rather than months It was that good and the bonus is that I have still have three months of group discussions to immerse myself in their story The Thorn Birds has catapulted itself to my all time favorite shelf and will be a saga that I sense myself revisiting than once 5 star read

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The Thorn Birds Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Free download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ä Colleen McCullough ?ите на три поколения от семейство Клийри за чиито житейски перипетии се разказва в произведението отстояват непреклонно своите нравствени идеали представите си за битието въпреки че тази безкомпромисност им носи лични драми и се превръща в съдба също тъй неумолима както отказът им да й се подчинятИма една легенда за птичката която пее само веднъж в живота си но по сладко от всяко друго земно създание Още щом напус?. Oh my fucking God This book I was standing in the kitchen this morning angrily chopping veg and I couldn t work out why then I realised it was this book just making me irrationally angry when I wasn t even reading itTragedies within the first 50 pages let s list them1 She gets a lovely doll15 Doll is trashed2 She gets sent to school at last25 School is terrible she s beaten every day3 It s ok she makes an awesome friend35 Friend hates her fuck you nits4 She realllly wants a blue teaset45 Family gets themselves into debt buying it she no longer wants it and it brings her no joy5 I m allowed to go to Church with the others55 Fuck Church is boring I will never achieve spiritual fulfillment6 My parents don t love me but my brother does 365 My brother has tried to run off to War and is now irreparably brokenThat was basically the whole book over and over again There was some shit about how priests should be allowed to marry because what is God if not Love and some other stuff about being married to the land and where babies come from but it was mainly a series of setting up good things and then knocking them over again like a game of tragic bowlingAt one point they meet the priest he is like fuck your hair is sexy darlin ignoring the fact she is Nine He lusts after her for the rest of the book but he is Married to God and the author takes pains to mention how he can never get it up several times Apart from about 4 days in a honeymoon hotel bareback where he never again considers he could have made her pregnant even when being faced with his own son for several hours a day for 10 years Nobody ever says fuck man he looks just like you and never once does he think You know she left her husband right close to when this kid was conceived right about the time of those 4 days in a honeymoon hotelOh man I m not going to go into it Don t read it Please