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Generation Blend Read ô 109 Technology and demographics are on a collision course Digital Natives Boomerang Boomers and Generation X ecutives are all grappling with the transformative implications of Web 20 technologies and organizations are scrambling for the best ways to unlock the talents of a multigenerational workforce in a connected world Generation Blend ventures deep into the technology age gap and provides real world solutions to combine the best that younger and older workers have to offerGeneration Blend explores how generational attitudes toward technology affect issues as diverse as recruitment and retention employee training management decision making collaboration knowledge sharing worklife balance and ordinary workday activities How can your organization promote the continuity of.

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Generation Blend Read ô 109 Knowledge and culture in the face of the coming demographic transition What hidden factors put new technology deployments at risk How can IT departments manage the growing demand for social and collaborative software while maintaining governance and security What initiatives can you launch to bridge the divide in work styles and tech savvy that separates veterans and newcomers in the workforceIn Generation Blend author Rob Salkowitz builds on the groundbreaking work of Don Tapscott Wikinomics Growing Up Digital William Strauss and Neil Howe Generations Millennials Rising and many others to connect the dots of sociology technology and management and trace a roadmap for decision makers Generation Blend is rich with research and includes two original in depth case studi.

Summary × E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Rob Salkowitz

Generation Blend Read ô 109 Es from organizations that have developed uniue approaches to bridging the technology age gap Microsoft’s Board of the Future project which assembles college age students from around the world to discuss a wide range of workplace issues and Older Adults Technology Services a New York based nonprofit dedicated to intergenerational technology training and reciprocal mentoring programs Organizations of all types and sizes can profit from their methodsThe retirement of the Baby Boomers the arrival of the Millennials and the impact of Web 20 technology in the enterprise create unprecedented complexity for employers and workers in the 2010s and beyond Organizations looking to solve the puzzle of productivity across the technology age gap should start with Generation Blend.

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