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  • Carolyn G. Hart
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  • 02 March 2019
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DOWNLOAD ✓ From the ueen Signed by the author    and inscribed to the ueen of England When the book disappears from her shop Ellen must call on her friend Annie Darling owner of the mystery bookstore Death on Demand to track it do.

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DOWNLOAD ✓ From the ueen But for Ellen Gallagher the impoverished owner of a thrift shop in South Carolina that dream comes true She finds in her possession a first edition of Agatha Christie’s  Poirot Investigates that has been. When Ellen receives a first edition of an Agatha Christie novel signed to the ueen she thinks all her troubles are over Annie the towns local mystery bookstore owner is certain it s real and agrees to help Ellen find a buyer But Ellen is about to learn that the old slogan Loose lips sinks ships is too true When the book ends up stolen from Annie s shop euipped with a list of the people Ellen happened to mention her good fortune to she goes on the hunt to ascertain the thiefPacing in a short mystery is almost as important as the mystery itself This read as though the author realized they had a story due the night before and crammed everything in without giving thought almost as though someone was retelling a novel they had read I felt there was something there but trying to keep it at a certain length made it predictable and easy I haven t read any other work by Carolyn Hart but I wouldn t discount her other because of this Maybe short stories just aren t her forte There s plenty of other Bibliomysteries to choose from I suggest skipping this oneThank you Open Road Media and Netgalley for this review copy

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DOWNLOAD ✓ From the ueen The next story in the Bibliomysteries  series penned by MWA Grand Master Carolyn Hart Everyone dreams of stumbling upon a long lost treasure in the attic or inheriting a fortune from some distant relative. This Bibliomystery is one of a series of short stories about books by different authors Written by Carolyn Hart this story is set within the author s Death on Demand series so if this is familiar to you it will be an added bonus Annie Darling runs her bookstore Death on Demand on the small south Carolina island of Broward s Rock It is February and business is uiet Annie s husband Max if off with his golf buddies and Annie is anticipating uiet days curled up with a book However her peace and uiet is shattered by the owner of a neighbouring store who has been left a box of books by an old friend of her mother s Amongst them is a rare signed first edition by Agatha Christie and it is worth enough to solve all her neighbour s financial problems However when the book is stolen it is up to Annie to find the thiefThis is a fun mystery story I felt the author could easily have developed this into a novella length story as there were a good cast of suspects However it was a good read and there is no need to have read any of the previous Death on Demand books in order for this to make sense Lastly I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley for review