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Sharath Komarraju ↠ 6 Free download review í The Narrow Road to Palem ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB D sings lullabies to it every night What is his story Subbarao one of Palem's richest men came up the hard way having started life as the poor son of a snack seller But what is the secret that gives him sleepless nights A young couple dealing with loss stand in front of the road to Palem and there is a seller of mirrors on the sidewalk welcoming them in Will they heed his words or wi. Reading in horror genre is new to me I really enjoyed this short stories collection by Sharath set in Rudrakshapalem a village on the bank of river Godavari Palem is everything you don t wish for a village gloomy eerie atmosphere presence of ghosts But you will long remember Palem after reading this

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The Narrow Road to Palem

Sharath Komarraju ↠ 6 Free download review í The Narrow Road to Palem ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ll they run away How much are happiness and peace worth to Rama Shastri the priest of Palem's Shiva temple And to what extent will he go to ensure the well being of his daughter In these ten delightful stories Sharath Komarraju takes you by the hand and gives you a fully guided tour of Palem and its people But don't fear he will bring you back home safe and sound long before it's dar. Amazing I could not put my kindle down until i finished the book

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Sharath Komarraju ↠ 6 Free download review í The Narrow Road to Palem ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Rudrakshapalem lies a few kilometers East of Godavari in the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh At first glance it looks like just another sleepy little village But as you walk along its borders and peer into the lives of its people you will find that deep within its breast are hidden some dark secrets In the temple compound roams a crazy man named Chander He hugs a gold pendant an. Well whether or not you ve read the author s main novel The Puppeteers of Palem this short story collection set in the same eerie village of Rudraskshapalem will undoubtedly evoke lots of chills and thrills for sure It s good to see the expansion of canvas and the village does really come alive in these pages Because it s not just about the stories themselves which are good but the author also throws the same people and locations at you so very often that by the end of it you know every place and person by the back of your hand Palem is an intriguing and scary little village and I d love to read of it though I m not sure if I wanna go anywhere near it Coming to the stories themselves they are not just shallow tales weaved with a simple goal to spook you Each of them has an underlying humane conflict and there are also a lot of socio political motifs tied which all adds up nicely resulting in a layered and textured plotSo if the prospect of a chilly adventure through a spooky village even remotely entices you then you should definitely go for this one