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The Start Of Us review Ñ 100 Ch her fiancé he threatens Marcus’ life and Marcus discovers Mei Li is engaged to the same man his detective dad has been trying to nab for months Afraid of being kicked out of the country and separated from Marcus Mei Li comes clean about her life and makes him promise he won’t tell his dad However miles of ocean isn't the only thing jeopardizing their relationship because Mei Li’s wedding date has just been moved.

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The Start Of Us review Ñ 100 Eighteen year old MARCUS ‘FREAKING’ MILLER the hottest white boy in Chinatown if not San Francisco doesn’t need girls He’s got a full ride soccer scholarship to Stanford and his dad has promised a motorcycle if he avoids all female related contact until graduation It’s a sweet and easy deal to keep Until he meets MEI LI ZHANGif stumbling upon her being groped by a thug in the alley can be called an introductionMe.

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The Start Of Us review Ñ 100 I Li will never be with someone she loves it’s impossible Her family came into the country illegally and is heavily involved in criminal activity To make matters worse at eighteen Mei Li’s been sold by her parents to Chinatown’s biggest crime lord to prevent their deportation It's not something you tell the guy you've fallen for especially when the truth is far too dangerousWhen rumors of Mei Li with someone else rea.

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