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Read & Download Intimacy 104 Se vaya al trabajo Jay pondrá unas pocas cosas en una maleta y sin ue nadie lo vea se irá a vivir temporalmente a casa de Victor un amigo de su misma edad ue ya lleva algún tiempo divorciado Es una decisión ue le pone entre la espada y la pared; abandonar a sus hijos le resulta insoportable pero uedarse significa resignarse a la infelicidad cotidiana a una rutinaria vida de la ue pasión y placer parecen haberse ausentado definitivamente ¿Por ué un hombre deja de amar a una mujer En una novela desesperadamente honesta Kureishi cuenta la historia de una separación Poco a poco en una verdadera escalada de sinceridad y lucidez van. A Joke Followed by an IntimacyAfter reading Milan Kundera s The Joke I returned it to the shelf and looked for something short to read next Happily I found it next to my Kunderas I thought Intimacy might continue some of the themes about relationships that had interested me in The JokeAfter finishing it I discovered a 2001 interview with Kureishi in the Guardian in which he revealed that he had been reading The Joke that very morningIn some ways Kureishi was to the 90 s what Kundera was to the 80 s He seemed to define the Zeitgeist At least if you were male He had a David Bowie like rock star persona He could get away with almost anythingAll Couples Have TroublesI read Intimacy in the space of a day well less actually like the time it took the Australian cricket team to knock out their first innings in the Ashes test in Nottingham It s a novella rather than a novel My copy was 150 pages long but broadly spaced No sooner had I started it than it was overAt one level it s an indulgent rant It s written in the first person The narrator Jay is a narcissistic Oscar nominated scriptwriter who s about to leave his family the next day Inevitably it s difficult to dissociate Jay from the author If it s difficult now it was certainly a lot harder when the book was first published It was clear to all that the novel was based on Kureishi s relationship and break up with his partner and mother of their two children Tracey ScoffieldSome People Read Books EndlesslySo what can you say almost 20 years laterKureishi writes with amazing precision about relationships from a male s perspective You could be uite charmed listening to Jay thinking he had a special sensitivity However after a while you realise that his precision is almost surgical and that he wields a scalpel capable of making a neat clean cut in human fleshJay studied Plato Descartes Hume Kant Marx Freud Sartre Camus Ionesco Beckett and other poets of solitude and dread His interests bridge philosophy and psychology However all this study fuels his belief that he knows people and relationships better than anyone else Well he knows what s good for him And this is what he imposes on those around himNot Every Match Burns BrightBeneath the hipster facade is a viciousness not unrelated to his taste in music A lot of punk It was the hatred I think that appealedContrast this with his partner Susan who is four years younger than me thinks we live in a selfish age She talks of a Thatcherism of the soul that imagines that people are not dependent on one anotherFulfilment self expression and creativity are the only valuesIn other words creativity had given some people a way out of conformist pre 60 s nine to fiveism but it retained the egotism of the previous material analogue less digital version of capitalismSome Couples Live in Harmony Some Do NotJay also takes a pot shot at women s politics She is of a disapproving generation of women She thinks she s a feminist but she s just bad temperedIt s as if Jay isn t a spoiled prat he s just a very naughty boy Susan would say that we reuire other social forms What are they Probably the unpleasant ones duty sacrifice obligation to others self disciplineThese are Susan s words Perhaps some of us will recoil from what they imply But really aren t they the sort of thing you say when you start to think in terms of needs other than just your own the needs of a couple the needs of a family the needs of a peer group the needs of a community the needs of a social and political movementFrom the perspective of the Left Jay confesses We were the kind of people who held the Labour Party backIt s as if Jay s kind of egocentricity tends to subvert any collective whether of two or two billionYou My Dear Don t Have Any MannersJay loves their two boys aged five and three he says he ll be sad to leave them really but they re not enough to commit him to any sort of family unit not enough to make an effort He can t will himself into the relationship You cannot will love but only ask why you have put it aside for the time beingHe pretends that he can turn off his love for his children and that they will be there for him when he s ready to revive a relationship with them when they are mature and can understand his needsHe says something that many of us who have been in a relationship that didn t last can understand I didn t want to love Susan but for some reason didn t want the clarity of that fact to devastate us bothYet you have to wonder whether the failed lover inside the author does want the public written record of this fact to devastate It is a lovely day for leaving How could it not devastate somebodyStill It s Sad to See Everything in TattersThis is the true significance of the novel as a work of fiction but also as an implied comment on an actual relationship The book might be named after intimacy but it doesn t sing its praises Instead it reveals intimate details in order to expose and compromise them in order to snuff out whatever flaming beauty was ever there It s about the longing for intimacy and love and how angry we can be when they re snuffed out lost rejected left Intimacy and love can simply dissipate before our very eyes With no effort at all Which is often the causeI couldn t believe some of the things Jay said they were so clinically brutal You could see them coming and you d wonder whether he d restrain himself but in the end I was glad that they weren t left unsaid We wouldn t know the truth otherwiseThe thing is Kureishi does it accurately enough to condemn the 1990 s era male who hasn t changed that much out of his own mouth For all the aspersions he casts on Susan it s her words that have best stood the test of time She anticipated an era when after the indulgences of the three decades that followed the 60 s we eventually had to grow up They are of course words that Kureishi wrote or at least selected and recorded from his real life experience If it was the latter then at least he had enough acumen to know what words expressed Susan s truth And therefore oursSOUNDTRACKMarianne Faithfull Why d Ya Do It Reed Tatters Reed Tatters Live at Montreux on July 12 2000

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Read & Download Intimacy 104 Surgiendo los detalles sórdidos los pensamientos asesinos los hechos y los gestos ue habitualmente preferimos silenciar la intimidad desnuda de una pareja Crónica del fin del amor y el comienzo del odio la novela de Kureishi es una consistente inteligente reflexión sobre los desencantos de la madurez las casi insalvables dificultades de la vida en pareja las mezuindades las negociaciones las claudicaciones ue nos impone la vida Pero también como en otras obras del autor es un vigoroso certero retrato de una generación la ue ahora está en el poder sus costumbres sus ideas sobre el amor y la familia su política y su ética cotidian. One man pondering his life and relationships the night before he plans to leave his partner and children Not very likeable

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Read & Download Intimacy 104 Jay es un escritor y guionista cinematográfico de cuarenta y pocos años Tiene todo lo ue se puede desear a su edad una carrera exitosa ha sido nominado al Oscar por uno de sus guiones una mujer ambiciosa e inteligente ue trabaja en la industria editorial dos hijos peueños a los ue uiere una hermosa casa donde cada día mientras Susan marcha a su trabajo él se ueda a escribir Pero después de seis años de vida en común Jay ha decidido ue auello se acaba Hoy es la última noche de una etapa ya concluida de su vida Hace tiempo ue viene pensándolo y mañana se marchará de casa para siempre aunue Susan todavía no lo sabe Cuando ella. The first and most alarming thing you find out about marriage pretty much within days of your wedding is that it is fraught with uncertainty At first I thought this was just me but then I began talking to other people and I realized that pretty much everyone experiences crippling doubt at one point or another about whether getting married was the right decision There was too much of me I know that We want love but we don t want to lose ourselvesMarriage is tough that I knew But that you could uestion yourself so viciously or feel your emotions fluctuate so wildly out of control was an experience I hadn t been adeuately prepared for You can try to explain what being so intricately bound to another person feels like but words aren t enough for living through the experience and sometimes I felt adrift faithless and unable to figure out what could make things right Of course things always got back on track And then we would crash and right ourselves again over and over again until I finally got the hang of it But it s a process and like all things which change you it always lurked on the edge of complete and total destruction That s why this book is so hard to take Not because it s complex and hard hitting but because it focuses solely on the really really ugly portions of a relationship Of course any relationship where you spend extended time with each other will eventually reveal its underbelly full of horribleness and spite but with love you cover it up and bandage it and learn to move on This book unfortunately focuses only on the crueler aspects of marriage on the night on which our protagonist a middle aged man named Jay decides to leave his wife and two sons behind The house is full of poison Susan wants me to be kind I can t be kind We can do nothing for one another It is a fact I have decided to leave I think the truth is that reading this book made me miserable and made my husband exasperated Why are you reading it if it s getting you down he kept asking but I was determined to struggle through because leaving books half read feels like some sort of personal failure I know I should learn to get over In the end what helped was the fact that the book itself was so abominable Absolutely no plot completely pointless characters and I didn t care much for the conversations either And of course a ridiculously whiny ultimately unlikable protagonist This then could be our last evening as an innocent complete ideal family my last night with a woman I have known for ten years a woman I know almost everything about and want no ofWhat ultimately led to this book s downfall for me was the fact that our narrator was frankly not a very good person And not a bad person in any interesting terms like the female lead in Gone Girl or in Gone with the Wind or any other famous compelling novel I can name with unlikeable main characters but rather just bland petty and mean and not really worth pages and pages of rumination It is unhappiness and the wound that compels me Then I can understand and be of use An atmosphere of generalized depression and mid temperature gloom makes me feel at homeSince the book tracks the events of a single night interspersed with Jay s thoughts about his past and fears for the present we are forced to spend way too much time in close proximity with him This is unfortunate because not only is Jay a pointless person he also has a weird unhealthy relationship with sex I had the exact same problem with Kureishi s hero in Something to tell you which also incidentally featured a middle aged man hitting a midlife crisis In this book Jay s constant and lecherous examination of the topic the objectification of women s bodies and the days spent lunching at spots where our hero knows fashionable young women in close fitting items will be present all serve to create an uncomfortable desire to distance yourself from this character From the beginning starting with the girls at school and the teachers in particular I have looked at women in shops on the street in the bus at parties and wondered what it would be like to be with them and what pleasure we might kindleThere were some points in the novel admittedly where I almost thought it would redeem itself and shine some much needed light on the complexities of marriage but Kureishi ruins the perfect set up by never managing to really colour the relationship as that between two people Instead what you do have is a very one sided close minded portrait of the marriage from the point of view of a bitter bored old man For some such a fictional world might make for interesting reading but if an author chooses to write solely from the perspective of a horrible character without managing to make me care about them then for me the narrative is a complete failure I have been trying to convince myself that leaving someone isn t the worst thing you can do to them Sombre it may be but it doesn t have to be a tragedy If you never left anything or anyone there would be no room for the newThe story does the same thing with its smart writing falling over from the just perfect to the overly decorative At the beginning Kureishi s words feel incisive and controlled an experienced author holding forth on life s uncertainties and the pitfalls of growing older Pretty soon though it becomes less Pulitzer prize worthy and Hallmark uotes I compared the first book I read by Kureishi to the atrocity that was Home Boy by Navi my standard for all crappy Pakistani writing that s well known This book maintains the status uo by staying exactly as bad as the first book It is easy to kill oneself off without dying Unfortunately to get to the future one has to live through the presentJust like Home Boy I continued to not care for our main character pretty much from the beginning to the end Even spending pages and pages of reflection with him didn t endear me to his frustrations Maybe if instead of talking about his love affair or his drug taking or his boredom he had focused a bit on his past with Susan tried to figure out where they had fallen apart there might have been something worth salvaging As it is he spends barely one sentence trying to figure out whether he might actually be to blame for their miserable existence and then promptly forgets all about his momentary self flagellation Have I tried hard enough Why should I imagine that I am easy to get along with Perhaps all this time she has been making a heroic effort to get along with a morose over sensitive self absorbed foolIn any divorce it is obvious that both the parties involved must have their own grievances and their own versions of events Each wife and husband about to be separated must believe that they are in the right and that the other person is not only horrible enough to be blamed for the ensuing heartbreak but also horrible enough to consider leaving Still the kind of complexity I expected from a story that focuses so solely on a marriage falling apart never manages to describe Susan the left behind wife as a complete person Instead what we are left with are Jay s bitter thoughts and creepy behaviour and adultery and misogyny and pretty much all around unpleasantness It is the men who must go They are blamed for it as I will beAs a rule a man who complains about being blamed for ending a relationship when he is in fact the one walking away is a man not worth spending any time or brain cells upon And the final nail in the coffin came upon the realization that the author father of two boys and divorced from a wife with the exact same job as the fictional wife s might have written this book to air dirty laundry and less as a sort of satisfying escapism for the reader He could have made his protagonist father to a little girl if he so desperately wanted to treat divorce as a separation from his children He could have made an ambitious wife with literally any other job but sticking so closely to his own life story feels disrespectful at best and a gross invasion of his family s privacy at the worst All in all it was not a pleasant reading experience and I have no wish to ever repeat it again One extra star for the accidental smart observation but mostly I d say Hanif Kureishi hasn t managed to write anything yet that I d consider worth reading Not recommended ORIGINAL REVIEWUgh I have such a complicated relationship with this title How the hell am I going to review itI review Pakistani Fiction and talk about Pakistani fiction and want to talk to people who like to talk about fiction Pakistani and otherwise take your pick To read reviews or just contact me so you can talk about books check out my Blog or follow me on Twitter