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Leo Tolstoy î 4 Free download Summary ☆ Воскресение Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Evolutionary In the stories of Maslova and other convicts Leo Tolstoy depicts the hard lot of women and the disenfranchised in nineteenth century tsarist Russia. Dear TolstoyI heart youLoveElI had some reservations about reading this book because I knew going into it that it was the last novel he wrote and I know that in his later years he became especially religious and it showed in his writing and jeez do we really need of that sort of preachinessApparently we do Resurrection isn t as popular as Tolstoy s other two major novels Anna Karenina and War and Peace nor is it as long as those others Apparently when it was first published however it outsold both Anna Karenina and War and Peace before its popularity waned over the years I ll agree that it s not as broad in scope or vision but the story itself still managed to intrigue meWhen Prince Nekhlyudov is called to serve on a jury he realizes that one of the accused is Katusha Maslova a woman he recognizes from his younger days She had served as a maid in his house at which time he was a pig seduced her and abandoned her after she lost her job because of it and she had to prostitute herself in order to survive It s through this new occupation that she is arrested and tried for murder Nekhlyudov realizes a bit melodramatically that had he not treated her the way he had she would not have come to this end He spends his time trying to save her from being sent to Siberia knowing that she could not possibly have done what she was accused of doingUnlike Anna Karenina and War and Peace Resurrection takes place primarily in the prison or in Nekhlyudov s immediate surroundings The focus is on him for the most part as he struggles with the realization that there s an entire other side to life than he has been aware of all these years that things aren t uite as rosy as they have been for him as an aristocrat He s guilty in the way he has lived and strives to make the world a better place by changing society however he can A bit of an idealist that Nekhlyudov but then it seems everyone goes through a phase like that in their lifeSome of the complaints I ve seen about this book is the heavy handed nature of Tolstoy s writing He was on a mission with this book and it s pretty apparent in the writing particularly in the last 75 100 pages or so Tolstoy s characters all had beef with some group or another and they at one time or another take shots at criminals landowners and aristocrats peasants and the poor the penal system Russians Christians Germans suffragettes Nihilists Socialists etc Nekhlyudov spends a considerable amount of time talking with different people and discussingarguing their beliefs in his effort to see how the other part of society lives For the first time in his life the rose tinted glasses have come off and he s aware of the social changes that needed to be made and he absolutely became a mouthpiece for Tolstoy s personal opinions on how the incarcerated are treated But for some reason I didn t find it distractingProbably because Tolstoy could puke on a piece of paper put a cover on it and I would read itAs Occupy Wall Street has become such a huge social campaign in our own time I couldn t help but read Tolstoy with that in the back of my mind I believe he would have plenty to say about the movementForgive me but that is not so every thief knows that stealing is wrong and that he ought not to steal that stealing is wicked said Rogozhinsky with a calm self assured slightly contemptuous smile which specially irritated NekhlyudovNo he does not You tell him Don t steal and he sees the factory owners stealing his labour by keeping back his wages he knows that the Government with all its officials never stops robbing him by means of taxesThis sounds like anarchism Rogozhinsky said uietly defining the meaning of his brother in law s wordsI don t know what it sounds like I only know what happens Nekhlyudov continued He knows that the Government robs him he knows that we land proprietors robbed him long ago when we took the land which ought to be common property And now if he gathers a few sticks from that stolen land to light his fire we clap him in gaol and tell him he s a thief Of course he knows that not he but the man who robbed him of the land is the thief and that ever restitution of what has been stolen from him is a duty he owes to his familyWhat strikes me the most is just how little issues have changed apparently Russian society in 1899 isn t all that different from American society in 2011 and that s actually a pretty depressing thought

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Leo Tolstoy î 4 Free download Summary ☆ Воскресение Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Er Before long though he puts himself on trial and condemns all of upper class and official Russia Meanwhile once convicted Maslova evolves from prostitute to r. Ignore the cynics Tolstoy s novel is a moralistic tale yes but the finest you are ever going to read Life changing

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Leo Tolstoy î 4 Free download Summary ☆ Воскресение Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Resurrection combines a love story with a ferocious attack on the Russian regime Prince Dmitry Nekhlyudov is a member of a jury trying Katiusha Maslova for murd. At half the size of War and Peace and two thirds the length of Anna Karenina Tolstoy s Resurrection is every bit as epic and probably his most controversial novel that appears to have strong political and religious implications as the backbone to the story and what a story A later Novel for Tolstoy written in 1899 under the leadership of Tsar Nicholas II and an empire repressing political opposition in the centre and on the far left Starting out as a courtroom drama we soon get drawn into a hugely deep and moving narrative of an unjust system of criminal law poverty and wealth at each end of the spectrum and one man s personally crusade of redemption for a life lived where he uses his high position in society to take advantage of othersThat man is Prince Dmitri Nekhlyudov who after being called for jury duty discovers to his horror one of three persons on trial is Katyusha a beautiful young lady who he once seduced and then cruelly abandoned during his time in the armed services He learns of her plight working in a brothel where she may or may not have been set up to poison a client to steal money so Nekhlyudov is sent back into the past to realise that he really did love her and soon wants to know as much as possible about the case to try and get her acuitted as he is burdened with guilt for what she had become Convinced she is innocent of her crime he goes about in any way possible to try and save her as it s harsh labour in Siberia the likely outcome if charged even willing to give up his life of luxury to be by Katyusha s side regardless of any outcome and to take her hand in marriage for which she refuses Nekhlyudov uses his prestige as a well thought of man to try and shake up the foundations of scathing injustice corruption and hypocrisy at the top level of society The psychological portrait of Dmitri is uite outstanding as we see him change from an empty comfortable individual to a man of steely resolute and emotion The sualid conditions and other prisoners stories he hears while visiting Katyusha awaiting her fate are just not fair in his eyes and starts to help others as well As for Katyusha she is difficult to read she doesn t really care for her own injustices any and tends to use Nekhlyudov for the benefit of other inmates spending time locked up has clearly effected her mind and the Prince see s a completely changed person from the one that he once knew Using a vast array of deeply drawn characters we get a panoramic view of Russian life from pheasants convicts and aristocrats to wealthy politicians prison guards and lawyers both defending and prosecuting Tolstoy is such a great storyteller mixing gritty realism with compassionate kindhearted warmth Two things that make Resurrection an almost perfect novel is his gift at Characterization and also fluid writing as this makes it really hard to find a suitable place to stop reading It doesn t have the pace of an intense thriller but is in no way a slow burner either it s just about spot on and the novel as a whole is no doubt a Russian masterpiece Also have to give penguin classics a lot of credit as this version is impeccable with a great introduction bonus material and a wonderful translation by Anthony Briggs who has worked on other Russian classics