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Haunting Valley

Haunting Valley Free read ↠ 102 Way back before Al Gore invented the Internet there was something called the Usenet For those of you who don’t remember it or never even heard of it the Usenet was a kind of electronic bulletin board and information swapping forum There were thousands of newsgroups some devoted to helpful subjects such as finance or travel and others devoted to less weighty topics such as Star Trek including the infamous “altwesleycrusherdiediedie” Bill and I co workers at a certain local space agency enjoyed altghost stories There we learned of a writer named Chris Woo.

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Haunting Valley Free read ↠ 102 S and exact locations may have been changed to protect the innocent as well as those who cannot defend themselves by virtue of their non corporeal status So don’t go all “Ghost Hunters” on us If you go looking for a place we describe you might wind up at the least confusing maybe frightening and at worst angering the homeproperty owner And if you find yourself behind bars for trespassing don’t try to use these stories as justification Just gather some friends turn down the lights try to scare the crap out of each other and enjoy the stories shared her.

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Haunting Valley Free read ↠ 102 Dyard who wrote a series of Haunted Ohio books Woodyard’s multi part series collected authentic ghost stories from around the state She obviously did a lot of research “Her books are very good and you should read them” said Bill who actually reads books We felt that we could write tales that were every bit as spooky as the ones we had enjoyed So we decided to try our hands at creating a specter collection focusing on the Chagrin Valley As you read on however you will learn that this is not exactly what happened What follows is the final productSome name.

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