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Free read Washington A Life ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ron Chernow ´ 6 characters IdentDespite the reverence his name inspires Washington remains a waxwork to many readers worthy but dull a laconic man of remarkable self control But in this groundbreaking work Chernow revises forever the uninspiring stereotype He portrays Washington as a strapping celebrated horseman elegant dancer and tireless hunter who guarded his emotional life with intriguing ferocity Not only did Washington gather around himself the foremost. In early 2017 in an effort to numb myself to the clown show I began a uest to read a biography of each President in order one through 44 I wanted to immerse myself in Presidential history by selecting a good well reviewed biography on each one So after extensive research I selected this one about George Washington to start It is long and has fine print Six months of eye problems and eye surgery slowed me down I am glad I persevered This book is very detailed and well written I absolutely understand why he is called the Father of Our Country Great man Very disciplinedBut at this rate and at my age I doubt that I will be around to read 45 Oh darn

Free read Washington A Life

Washington A Life

Free read Washington A Life ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ron Chernow ´ 6 characters The celebrated Ron Chernow provides a richly nuanced portrait of the father of America With a breadth and depth matched by no other one volume life he carries the reader through Washington's troubled boyhood his precocious feats in the French and Indian Wars his creation of Mount Vernon his heroic exploits with the Continental Army his presiding over the Constitutional Convention and his magnificent performance as America's first pres. Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism George WashingtonMy first exposure to Chernow was his now ber famous biography My daughter owns her own copy of Chernow s Alexander Hamilton and just today showed me Chernow rapping Alexander Hamilton dressed in the show s distinctive revolutionary garb for Ham4Ham We were lucky enough to see Hamilton in NYCSo now after President Trump s election I m finding spiritual solace in reading a book a day at least in January and trying to read at least one presidential biography a month this month I read two this one and Caro s The Path to Power LBJ 1 I need to be reminded that yes politics has always been nasty AND yes this too will pass Anyway while I didn t like the George Washington bio UITE as much as I enjoyed Chernow s Hamilton bio it might have been for reasons beyond Chernow s control I ve read a bunch of Washington biographies and there isn t much that I haven t come across or at least knew if not in form certainly by shadow There wasn t much here that was surprising but as a biography it was compelling Chernow did a masterful job of threading throughout the biography certain Washington traits and contradictions the biggest being his views on slavery and his treatment of slaves The fact that Chernow didn t write a hagiography but was trying to paint a full picture of our first president was obvious As far as biographies of Washington go this one beats Ellis His Excellency George Washington by a large and straight rather than prominent nose Chernow is technically of a journalist than a historian but in this age of modern biographies there is certainly room for the self taught In many ways journalists often produce fantastic biographies since they often have a distinct narrative talent That doesn t mean Chernow isn t historically rigorous in his historical efforts Many of the primary sources are ones I hadn t read before or were ones used in a different context So while I don t think Chernow writes as well as Robert Caro he still belongs on the top shelf of living presidential biographersFinally Chernow writes primarily about banking families and American biographiesChernow s Banking Dynasties1 Titan The Life of John D Rockefeller Sr 2 The House of Morgan An American Banking Dynasty and the Rise of Modern Finance 3 The Warburgs The Twentieth Century Odyssey of a Remarkable Jewish Family Chernow s American Political Biographies1 Alexander Hamilton 2 Washington A Life 3 Grant Upon reviewing my reviews I m convinced Chernow does slightly better at writing histories of individuals rather than families politics rather than finance However I should note I ve enjoyed ALL of his books and he s a master at his craft

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Free read Washington A Life ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ron Chernow ´ 6 characters Figures of the age including James Madison Alexander Hamilton John Adams and Thomas Jefferson he orchestrated their actions to help realise his vision for the new federal government define the separation of powers and establish the office of the presidencyRon Chernow takes us on a page turning journey through all the formative events of America's founding This is a magisterial work from one of America's foremost writers and historians. It was long It was extremely well researched and very detailed Did I say it was long It was really long It was also brilliant Before reading this I knew the basic things everyone knows about George Washington Now I know that he wasn t always this god that we think he was He was ambivalent about slavery made some fairly bad decisions and spent much of his time dealing with his own insecurities imposter syndrome In short George Washington was an imperfect human just like the rest of us This imperfect human however helped build a country I can barely build something with Legos High five George Chernow knocked this biography out of the park