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Free read ☆ Hellcats 106 Peter Sasgen î 6 Read & download Characters Hellcats Ted in the Sea of Japan by a barrier of deadly minefieldsHere Peter Sasgen tells the gripping story of Operation Barney a daunting mission in which nine submarines nicknamed Hellcats were tasked with getting through the mines and decimat. They call themselves The Silent Service with pride as a badge of honor They labor in silence invisible to the world above and elusive as smoke If successful their exploits are never spoken of never reported If they fail all they leave behind is a pin on a map and a tag that says Missing presumed lostIn the normally clandestine and closed world of WWII submarine warfare a secret mission was a guarantee that no one would ever know of success failure or even that an operation occured In Hellcats Peter Sasgen gives honorable testimony to the contribution and courage of a group of 800 unknown men who in the late days of WWII risked all to press the US attack directly into the heart of the Japanese supply lines in an effort to strangle and starve an enemy who was expected to fight to the last manFaced with unreasonable odds and unreliable euipment the Hellcats of Operation Barney threaded through minefields and enemy fleets successfully penetrating the protective net surrounding Japan to show that there was nowhere the might of the US military could not reach A secret mission in the late days of a war against a declining enemy who would be utterly defeated by atomic weapons just months after Operation Barney these men and their mission could easily be relegated to a footnote scribbled in the margin of history Sasgen delivers a strong telling of the story as an observer and in their own words of the men and the mission of Operation Barney shining a light on a mission perhaps minor in the grand view of the World War but major in its example of fearlessnes innovation and commitment to dutyA recommended read for any WWII or naval history buff

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Free read ☆ Hellcats 106 Peter Sasgen î 6 Read & download Characters Hellcats Ing the enemy fleet Drawing on original documents and the personal letters of one doomed Hellcat commander Sasgen crafts a classic naval tale of the heroic submariners and one of World War II's most ambitious and dangerous underwater rai. This is a reasonably well written book about submariners in World War II It suffered from the same malady as many popular World War II histories lack of historical analysis It s not so much that I begrudge the author for not providing a historian s eye but it makes for less of a vivid story There were far too many discursions into letters home for my tastes As a straightforward rendition of World War II history though it does what I like the most and focuses on individual sailors experiences For what it s worth I read it mostly for the sciencetechnology elements key to this particular raid That coverage isn t exactly magnificent but it s information that as far as I can tell would have been relatively hard to find elsewhere outside of industry or military publications It s worth a read for anyone interested in submariner experiences in World War II or in the pre nuke technology of subs I wouldn t say it s a standout but it s a solid entry in the genre

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Free read ☆ Hellcats 106 Peter Sasgen î 6 Read & download Characters Hellcats Sasgen vividly recounts the pulsating drama of the Hellcats Naval HistoryIn 1945 American sub force commanders believed that if the Japanese merchant fleet was sunk the enemy would be forced to surrender The problem the ships were protec. The author takes a rather biased approach to submarine operations and to Operation Barney he seems to blindly support them and provides no historical context to back this opinion He also has a creepy obsession with the female companions provided to the captains of the various submarines